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Nov 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
aping collecting $100 million from a new sales tax law, but as we found out, not everyone is paying like they should. the so-called amazon tax affects and some of the largest on-line retailers, but only about 200 businesses have been identified so far by the state. the state says if you don't pay sales tax on-line, then you must file on your personal state taxes, which few people do. >> you're not off the hook, and you haven't been off the hook since 1935. >> so far the state has collected less than $20 million from the on-line retailer tax. >>> facebook is about to ask users to vote on a plan that would end up taking away the right to vote in the future. the social networking giant says it will seek out comments about revokes users right to vote on some changes to facebook privacy policies. one change would impact the data use policy, which explains how the site collects and uses data, and the statement of rights and responsibilities, which explains the terms governing their use of our services. >>> a new poll suggests that contra costa county is turning more democratic. a. >> duan
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
launched a new campaign against a proposed tax on search engines. the measure in germany would require search engines there to pay every time they link to copy writed context. google is asking users in germany to sign an online petition against that proposed tax. >>> pg & e is teaming up with researchers at uc davis to test new technology to spot leaks in gas transmission lines. researchers are using sensors mounted on small airplanes to test leaks. scientists say the goal is to find a less expensive more reliable way to pinpoint problems. >>> a multimillion dollars art project is taking shape on the bay bridge tonight. only on 2, ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar live on treasure island with the up close look that he got at the high tech art show destined for the new western span, tom. >> reporter: indeed, you know the vertical cables on this side of the bridge are exactly this wide and tonight crews are up there about the business of trying to put lights on every one of them. >> reporter: here's your exclusive look at legend theatrical. a company that lights theaters and buildings nat
Nov 22, 2012 6:00pm PST
new law. australian officials say google avoids paying a carpet tax rate by basing it -- carpet tax rate by basing -- corporate tax rate by basing it in another country. >>> the first auction of california's cap and trade pollution permits will generate less money than expected. the first sale only raised $289 million. lawmakers hoped to raise $1 billion by june. there are two more auctions planned in february and may. >>> thousands of people earned their right to extra thanksgiving calories this morning in the south bay. >> the turkey trot drew 25,000 runners. there were serious runners and the folk whose took part in the costume contest. all of the money raised go to three different charities. >> people less fortunate, always like to help. every little thing we can do. nice to help. >> participates were also encouraged to bring canned food. >>> officials say they will rebuild their port to with stand a tsunami. the japanese earthquake triggered a tsunami. they will spend $54 million to rebuild. they will extend 16 feet above the water so it won't rip off the docks. >>> just perfec
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3